I feel like this is one of those circles of stupidity…


I feel like Satan is the kinda guy who’d wear socks and sandles outside in public and give literally zero fucks


Aidaas Anchus #8 for littleMo101.Gods, this was supposed to be drawn months ago but I finally did it.

Aidaas Anchus #8 for littleMo101.
Gods, this was supposed to be drawn months ago but I finally did it.

You don’t understand how loud my hiccups are, and this is with a lot of background noise.

Do you still do sprite requests?

As can be reread here, yes, but I apologize in advance if I take a while to post them. They’re anything but hard, I just get distracted by adult life a lot and might need a reminder if they’re not up by the following night.
I will need to know your color (go here if you don’t know your hex code), symbol, default outfit, hair (dark/light and style), horns/wings if it’s a troll, Dream Self and God Tier.

The other night, I found out the hard way why you shouldn’t feed your Neopets too much Glowing Jelly. My Aisha is no longer Darigan.

Meanwhile in the bathroom, I tell the eternity-seeing Sn0wman goodnight.

Meanwhile in the bathroom, I tell the eternity-seeing Sn0wman goodnight.


Anyone feel free to add to the list, but these are the ones I’ve personally learned to look out for.
If they only have one of these red flags, you can maybe maintain contact but remain very cautious of them and stay on your guard.
If they have more than one, delete their contacts. Delete their pictures. Delete posts with them. Block them. Just plain delete them.

Aggressive/violent pets: If they just adopted that cat or dog from an abusive family, then the aggression was learned from the previous owner.
However, if they bought or raised or etc. that pet themselves, then vicious behavior was learned from example by who raised them.
If they raised that cat or dog themselves and they’re trigger-happy for violence, that’s a red flag.

Aggressive bias/prejudice: This goes without saying, but it could also be in fandom contexts. If they verbally attack you for liking/disliking a character, fandom, ship or etc., that’s a red flag.

Continuing to do things they were already told make you feel uncomfortable: If you tell them not to do or say something that makes you feel hurt, upset or uncomfortable, that’s a red flag.
If they make light of the subject, joke or tease you about it, or shame you for your emotional response/reflex, that’s also a red flag.

Emotional minefields: This is when you can’t feel anything without them taking it as a personal attack. When you’re angry, they decide for you that it’s because of themselves and “retaliate” or guilt you for being angry at them. When you’re sad, they shame you for “always sulking.” When you’re happy, they angrily/jealously make it about how you’re the one having fun and not themselves (ex: “Well I see you had fun without me.”). When you’re scared, they shame or tease you for being a “pussy” or other term used in a derogatory context for “faint of heart.”
When you can’t feel anything without them either making it about themselves or saying you have no right to whatever your own feelings are, that’s a red flag.

Guilt-trips/passive aggression: This also goes without saying. If guilting is their native dialect, that’s a red flag.
If they constantly train you to believe that you owe them your everything and are solely dependent on them to live, that’s a red flag.

Ignoring/shaming your feelings: This should be self-explanatory, but it can also be when telling them you had a bad day turns into a competition. If they take “I’ve had a bad day” as a challenge to compete for who has it worse, and as a habit, that’s a red flag.

Rape jokes/using the term rape face: This shouldn’t really need explanation. Sexual assault is a commonly discussed issue on the Tumblr Dot Com, and there is no excuse for ignorance.
If they continue to make rape jokes or make light of the issue, that’s a red flag.

Self-harm/suicide threats: I once had someone say “1 cut, 2 cuts…” for every message I sent him trying to calmly tell him why his other (red flag) behavior was not okay, followed with a keep on telling me your “advice” in a threatening message.
If they use self-harm or suicide as a bargaining tool, or sorry, a threatthat’s a red flag.

It’s okay, nobody likes/trusts me: Okay this one is a bit trickier, because a lot of us have been “nobodies” in public schools or been pulled into drama.
I’ve found that gathering context helps. If you have any mutuals with them, ask around why they didn’t become or remain friends.
I once had to block someone right after this red flag met my quota, and the qualifier for this one was that the field study came to me. I’d been privately messaged outside of the chat with comments that they made rape jokes and continued to do things they were already told make the others feel uncomfortable.
Do your research. This is a red flag that’s easier than others to overlook because it has more exceptions.

It happened. I made a fanskull. Or… skullsona.
It was hinted that the white marks and other features on skull people mean something plot-significant about themselves, so I wonder what these patterns would say about me.

How about I name her Cidnii cuz that’s how I always wanted to spell my middle name. So her name’s… Cidnii… Brazos…

Dear past me

Dear past me…

You coulda done better in a lot of ways. You made a lot of mistakes and embarrassments. You were ignorant about a lot of things. To put bluntly, you were a bitch and then a weaboo and then… I don’t even know. You were trying to be a lot of things you weren’t, and I don’t think you were even conscious of it at the time.
But looking at you now, I know that you were trying different selves on to decide who you are.

And the thing is, I couldn’t be who I am now without having been you prior.
You made improvements. You learned. You grew. I can’t hate you for that. I can’t be mad at you. I can’t help but forgive you, because look at me now.

And some day, who I am at twenty-one will be Past Me. I hope I can agree with who I am now that I’m doing a good job at living and living as who I am. And I hope I’m still improving as a person by then.

Don’t ever stop growing.

Skype conversations

Kai <>: I have a strange difference between uwu* and uwu *
Kai <>: I can’t even fully explain it in words
Kai <>: it just /is/

chronicallyConfused: YOU M3AN W1TH TH3 AST3R1SK?
chronicallyConfused: CUZ



uwu *


Kai <>: BLESS U



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